principle of hope
1 August 2022

by Justin Eberhart

Withering Gras

It is tempting to think of hope as simply an optimistic outlook of the future, but what if hope had more to do with the past and the eternal?
It is a seed buried in each one of us, and just as the sun is to photosynthesis, so too can hope be made manifest for others to benefit from. That each individual may be able to produce hope from converting the light that exists outside of us is the most powerful tool to overcome a grave diagnosis, or a dire situation. The continual lack of hope leads to despair and an eventual death.
Hope is the negentropic nature we observe in grass returning from winter and flowers emerging from soil. What waters us to complete that conversion into tangible energy, and what if it is rooted in nostalgic recollection of something we have not ever consciously experienced? The synergy manifests in daydreams that makes every generation dream of utopia, and yet for all the dreaming, we have never achieved it. As in the nature of dreaming, the collective hope is elusive, and so often the fruition of a dream is picked before ripening. The remnants of it are reminders of where we have come from which stirs us to call back for what was lost. Hope realized and sustained, that doesn’t disappoint, is a compass where every human expects to find a better destination. What if the compass was meant to lead us to someone greater than within?



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